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Crypto License

Your own crypto-currency banking business

Jurisdictions across Europe and the world are adapting new regulation aimed at regulating Cryptocurrency Exchanges and any other entities involved with virtual currency e-wallets (custodial services) and exchange transactions between fiat and crypto.

We welcome this regulation, since it gives cryptocurrency related businesses a new level of regulatory recognition. Documented compliance with statutory KYC/AML protocols helps to level the playing field and paves the road for crypto businesses to access correspondent banking and card issuing services, as opposed to banning them from the same. Regulating cryptocurrency related businesses truly helps opening doors, rather than closing them.

Some jurisdictions have recognized this fact and welcome cryptocurrency businesses with open arms. We can assist you to obtain a proper crypto-license issued by a full European Union member country with a modern fintech culture and banking infrastructure. Please do not hesitate to request full details today and learn how you can start your own Crypto Bank!

  • European Union (EU) Jurisdiction
  • Modern & Fintech Friendly
  • Straight Forward Application Process
  • No Formal Capital Requirements

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