Welcome to Start an Internet Bank! Our firm is uniquely positioned to assist you with getting your own Online Bank established and fully operational. We specialize in setting up legal entities in jurisdictions with reasonable qualification and capital requirements. So far we have helped establish more than 1000 financial entities for clients on five continents. Our packages include EBANQ®, the most beautiful and user-friendly Online Banking System in the world, WorldClear multi-currency payment processing, BIC registration with SWIFT®, and branded debit card issuing. The reasons for a client to start his or her own banking business vary, but typically the objective is to take deposits and invest the funds in instruments generating a higher return than the interest paid to depositors. Transactions fees and management fees can be other significant sources of revenue. Some clients offer loans (secured or unsecured) but it is more common that the deposits are used for trading or investing.

Many of our clients already manage client funds when they approach us. They might be running an Investment Club or a Hedge Fund. In the case of the latter the Fund Manager would typically charge a performance fee of say 30% of the Funds’ profits. If the Fund Manager has a stable track record of high returns he might see an opportunity in running a bank instead, where low cost money can be obtained through deposit taking, issuing of CDs etc. Start Your Own Bank – Please also visit our sister site: Banking4Bankers.com
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Learn how to register your own Financial Institution online. You can legally offer Banking Services to customers of any nationality and resident anywhere in the world. With your own Bank you can legally engage in activities such as Deposit Taking, Forex, Issuing of Financial Guarantees, Lending, Payment Processing, Debit and Credit Card Issuing and much more without being subject to any minimum capital or qualification requirements.


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